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Powers has weaved an intricate tale that primarily deals with metaphysical questions, time travel and the relatively quiet subplot of a love story. His descriptions are mature and original. I could picture myself in all his settings. The characters were well done—I hated the baddies and like the goodies. The underlying plot is basically good vs evil and man has an issue to deal with, goes on an adventure, finds peace, and the end: although the ‘the end’ part of it has been left open for the reader to imagine what might happen next. The story includes elements of horror and urban/steampunk fantasy, and is fast-paced with many changes in direction. A small criticism has to do with the editing/formatting. There was some weird thing going on with my e-book copy that turned a lot of ‘the’ into ‘me’. Occasionally I had to re-read a sentence for clarity but that could be a criticism of my brain rather than the author’s talent. If you like the fantastic or steampunk and appreciate good writing, I would highly recommend this book.