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This book was an entertaining read. When the main character, Gerald Dunwoody, has an accident at work, his life is turned upside down. His ensuing adventure was not the typical one would expect from what borders on epic fantasy as there is no ‘super’ threat, but a more human one. The characters were engaging and each had distinctly different personalities. The author’s Australian background comes through with some phrases and terms, which I liked.

Towards the end, and the climactic resolution, I couldn’t put the book down. I also admired the way the author was able to keep my interest in a relatively closed setting—that of the palace at New Ottosland. The dialogue was engaging and humorous and kept the story moving along.

There were a couple of negatives for me. One was the overuse of sentence fragments. Normally this doesn’t bother me, but some of the sentences didn’t make sense as stand-alone sentences (although I could get the gist because of the previous sentence). I wasn’t sure if this was an editing issue the author had no control over, or just her style of writing.

At the end, when the main character, Gerald, had a decision to make, I felt he could have made a different decision, which would have negated the conflict in an easier way. If he couldn’t have made the easier decision, the reason was not explained (sorry trying to explain without ruining the ending for readers).

I would recommend this book and I’ll buy the next one in the series. This book could be a stand-alone as the conflict was resolved, but there were hints of what else is to come in Gerald’s life. An overall, enjoyable read.








Dionne Lister is an author and editor from Sydney who loves reading (obviously) and playing sport. She co-hosts a humorous podcast called Tweep Nation where she interviews authors and discusses all things Twitter. She loves writing and sharing her stories, but she wishes they wouldn’t keep her awake at night.

More information about Dionne Lister can be found here: www.dionnelisterwriter.wordpress.com