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Author Sherrilyn Kenyon needs no introduction, as she has been a best selling author for quite awhile now. In her first book of the “The League” series, “Born of Night” is a strong opening for what should be a fun group of books to follow. Main character Nykyrian Quikiades is a ruthless assassin that has chosen to lead a group of fellow assassins carrying out contracts and always looking over their shoulder as Nykyrian has turned his back on The League that at one time he was the Command Assassin of.

Nykyrian rescues the kidnapped Princess Kiara and he and his band of assassins try to keep her out of harms way, facing desperate parents, numerous assassination attempts all while Nykyrian has to come to terms with his tortured past, inability to let any close and his growing feelings for a Princess he has to protect. Princess Kiara is struggling with her unhappy life of expectation in a career that is emotionally draining. Having to learn how to keep her strength up when she is being hunted for reasons she doesn’t understand and having a terrifying group of people around her for protection is almost too much to bear.

While Nykyrian is the typical, unbeatable, extremely good looking main character, the depth of character that is revealed in him is impressive. Kiara although a bit whiney and who wouldn’t be going from a palace to targeted for death, goes through her emotional roller coaster we all go through when your solid rock is destabilized in favor of a sudden harsh and terrifying reality is imposed on your life. The self-discovery process that both go through is well thought out and implemented here.

I think it’s fairly obvious that the message here is about not judging a person necessarily by what you see or what little you know of them. Life’s circumstances often shape a personality into something that is completely defensive while the real person is dying to get out of their shell.

“Born of Night” has good pacing, exciting action and great character development. 4 out of 5 stars for me.

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David Lowry

David Lowry is the President of The Lowry Agency and Founder of Club Fantasci. He also write his popular blog lowryagency.wordpress.com and is a columnist for http://www.metalholic.com