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This book starts with action and keeps up the pace pretty much the whole way through. I did enjoy the book because I liked the characters, however there were many things that irked me, which was a surprise because for years I had seen David Gemmell’s books around and always though I should read this author’s work.

I found the dialogue unnatural. The characters spoke in a stilted, clipped fashion, which would normally indicate anger, or that the person wants the conversation to end as soon as possible.

The amount of typos was irritating. It is normal to find a handful of things that slip through the proofreading cracks, but this was ridiculous, especially for a traditionally published, supposedly big-name author. Several times whole words were incorrect—one sentence had “it it” instead of “to it” for instance. Quotation marks were frequently left out, either before or after speech, and a couple of times I came across whole sentences that just didn’t make sense.

I found the way Waylander was saved on two occasions to be too contrived and convenient and the way the book ended was disappointing—not only were there massive tragedies (overdone I feel) that didn’t make me shed one tear, but the ending was over within three or four pages. It was almost as if it was a screenplay, not a novel.

A positive thing was that I had a good sense of the personality of Waylander and I wanted his character to survive. I would say this is an okay read, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a book you need to rush out and read.

Dionne Lister

Dionne Lister

Dionne is an author and editor from Sydney who loves reading (obviously) and playing sport. She co-hosts a humorous podcast called Tweep Nation where she interviews authors and discusses all things Twitter. She loves writing and sharing her stories, but she wishes they wouldn’t keep her awake at night.

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