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Winter Tales

Winter Tales

In the Fair of Wonders, almost anything can be found—even lost relics from time long gone. The Scarecrow King walks the aisles and searches bazaars, occasionally touching something, always looking. With the right tool, Alice could rally the townspeople’s support, and shake off Winter forever. In a small stall, under a pile of rubbish, the Scarecrow finds an ancient bronze hookah, glowing with inner light. As he lifts it out, a blackwood cane raps his hand sharply, and he looks up into the cold eyes of the White Rabbit. “Just the thing for my Nightmare Factory,” the rabbit murmurs…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Winter Tales, an upcoming board game for three to seven players focused on storytelling and imagination in a vibrant fairy tale world! The game is set in the immersive atmosphere of Wintertown, where players weave a story of the struggle between the Regime of Winter’s soldiers and the rebels fighting for the return of Spring. As players complete quests, lay traps, and engage in battles, they create an entirely new story with every game.

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