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Dionne Lister

Dionne Lister

I always love when author Dionne Lister stops by from Sydney, Australia. Dionne is an award-winning writer, editor and podcast host.  She is the author of  Shadows of the Realm: The Circle of Talia (Volume 1)A Time of Darkness (The Circle of Talia)  and the upcoming third installment of this riveting trilogy which is  due out in early 2014.  She  paints a vivid and scary picture with her horror and suspense short stories ( Dark Spaces) too.  You can follow Dionne on Twitter@DionneLister  and on Facebook.  

You will laugh out loud listening to her TweepsNation   podcast  she co-hosts with her partner in crime Amber Jerome Norrgard .   Sit back and enjoy this laid back and fun interview.  If you would like to read some of Dionne’s work, check out her blog.

Here the interview here: http://humoroutcasts.com/2013/humoroutcasts-radio-interview-with-dionne-lister/

Find out more about Dionne Lister here: www.dionnelisterwriter.wordpress.com