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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

Fantasy Flight Games announces two new highly customizable X-Wing (TM) Starfighters for it Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game.



“Get set up for your attack run.”
–Red Leader, Star Wars: A New Hope

The squad building rules for X-Wing™ offer tremendous flexibility in your squad designs. Your squad isn’t just a combination of starships. It’s also the pilots and upgrades you choose to assemble. These interactions between ships, pilots, and upgrades mean that you can really steer a squad to your preferred style of play, even with a limited number of ships. In fact, two squads fielding the same starships may bear only a superficial resemblance to each other; even though they look alike, they may pursue wildly different strategies in the heat of battle.

Two upcoming starfighters will soon expand your customization options even further. The B-Wing and TIE Bomber Expansion Packs are set to enter the fast-paced space battles of X-Wing as the game’s most upgradeable and heavily customizable small ships.

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