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David Lowry

David Lowry

One of the great things about the board gaming culture is the camaraderie! Board game lovers like to talk to each other, share game thoughts and reviews and help spread the word about the hobby they love so much. Granted there are your typical haters out there or social media sites that aren’t friendly but for the most part, it’s a very warm and inviting culture. With that in mind I want to share with you my (David Lowry) personal favorite resources to discover new games, find out which are worth purchasing and also help in understanding how to play them.

So let me add the caveat that I am not leaving anyone one out because I think they suck. These are just the places I go due to my experience with watching, reading and listening to people like me who review board games. Also please understand that there are so many reviewers out there now, there is no way I could have checked you all out. This also doesn’t mean I agree with all their reviews, but that is beauty of board games. There is something for everyone!

Also please feel free to leave links in the comments section for your favorite board game resources to spread the love and give everyone a shot at getting their stuff discovered.



These guys are by far the most creative, funny and witty of all the reviewers. Not only do they have a deep insight into gaming culture, mechanics and thematics, they truly LOVE what they do and have put together a team willing to bring you exciting new reviews and thoughts that requires a ton of work. Best Reviewers on the internet period. Check them out!

This video entitled “Board Games Golden Age” is a perfect example of their understanding of board games in todays culture.

This review of Kemet is a another great example of the types of reviews they do.

Crits Happen

Tox of Crits Happen is another great example of someone who actually takes the time to learn the game and review it from a deeper level than many other reviewers. His video work has gotten much better as his equipment seems to have improved as well as his camera work and his pace is great making it very easy to follow. There are well thought out videos with no mistakes and misplays. Tox takes a great amount of time to put out a quality product.

Being a media guy, Tox has made the greatest improvement here compared to anyone else and is almost to the quality of the former Drakkenstrike video series.

Check his “Critical Review” of the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game here:

Drive Through Review

Joel Eddy does a great job of honestly reviewing games with no bias towards euro or ameritrash types of games. His videos are simple, but well done in the explanation and run through of the games he is reviewing. Joel admits where his lack of knowledge may be with a game or style, has no ego about how much he knows about games and is friendly in his responses.

Check out his review of the new Firefly: The Game

Honorable Mentions:

Rhado Runs Through

The Cardboard Republic

GreyElephant Gaming

Troll In The Corner

I look forward to discovering more places to find reviews and thoughts on board games! Please feel free to leave your links in the comments section!