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Eldritch Horror

Looking for a great Christmas gift for your favorite board gamer? Look now further than the new “Eldritch Horror” game set in the Arkham Horror universe from Fantasy Flight Games. I am a huge fan of this universe based on H.P. Lovecraft’s writings so I am extremely excited for this release.

I found Fowles in an institution for the insane. Madmen gibbered and ranted on all sides of us as I pointed at the symbol on the cracked stone in the photo. “Fowles, you took this picture.” He didn’t respond. “This was a seal. I saw this three months ago and this seal was intact.” Impatient and unsure if my questions were even being heard, I grabbed Fowles by the shoulders. “What happened?” I demanded. And although Fowles remained unresponsive, all of the lunatics in the room began to chant in a sickening unison. They repeated the same message I had first heard in Bombay: the darkness is at hand.

In Eldritch Horror, a global board game of mystery and terror, you and up to seven friends take on the role of globetrotting investigators who must must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror. Foul monsters, obscure mysteries, and brutal challenges will take you to your limits and beyond. All the while, you and your fellow investigators must unravel the otherworldy mysteries scattered around the globe in order to push back the gathering mayhem that threatens to overwhelm humanity. The end draws near! Do you have the courage to prevent global destruction?

Today, we are pleased to present a video overview for Eldritch Horror. Watch it below, or on FFG’s YouTube channel.


Read more here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4519