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Police Precinct

Police Precinct: The Heat Expansion

“Coop with Cops!”

Now YOU can upgrade your character’s ability with cool Gear, and hand-picked Specialists that ride along with you!

View the Kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1529038443/the-heat-an-expansion-for-police-precinct

Police Precinct 2nd Edition

“We are trying to make Police Precinct even better. If you just watched Tom’s review, now try to imagine what he might say about the 2nd Edition…. Fun to think about!

The focus of this project is the making, or should we say “re-making,” of the game Police Precinct!

If you have been following the history of this game, you might already know that along with the successes have come some challenges. One such challenge was the unfortunate “Melt-Down.” Referring to the hard-drive of the computer that housed the only copy of the game files.

This Melt-Down occurred at the best AND worst time possible. Right as the PDFs were being sent to the factory for production. The good news of this timing is that PDFs do actually exist and can be used to slowly piece the game back together. The bad news of the timing was that in the confusion of this situation, errors were made. An important part of of this 2nd Edition is to fix those errors.

Beyond this, we want to take certain parts of the game and change them in ways that we feel with improve the experience. How much of this we can afford to do will depend in part on YOU. So far we have begun work on the Event Deck, the Crime Track, and the Rulebook. We may end up doing more. This depends on certain factors such as, how much support we get from you (backers), and on what expansions, etc. we decide to focus on. Backer support on this Kickstarter will boost our ability to make these types of improvements to the brand Police Precinct. We are even looking at coming out with a stand-alone lightening-fast dice driven version of the game. Stay Tuned!

We invite you to join in the movement to make Police Precinct all it can be by backing this project. Everything helps!” – Common Man Games