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Le Fantome de l'Opera

Mysterious things are happening at the Opera House. The legend of the Phantom seems to be true! Broken chandeliers have fallen seemingly of their own accord almost killing innocent people. Voices can be heard coming from the shadows but no one can place who’s voice it is or where it is coming from. Things are getting creepier and scarier every evening the Opera is performed and it looks like someone is trying to scare every one away, shortening La Carlotta’s run at the Opera Garnier.

Do you as the investigator have the deductive skills and reasoning to figure out who the phantom in before La Carlotta scared for her life, runs away? Can you best the Phantom at his own game and save the Opera Garnier from closing down? In this quick exciting game, you’ll have your chance to prove yourself by snaring the Phantom before La Carlotta flees or fail and allow the Phantom to shut down the Opera. Are you up to the task?

Publisher: Hurrican Games

Game Designer: Ludovic Maublanc , Bruno Cathala

Players: Two

Ages: 9 to adult

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Mechanics: Grid movement, variable player powers

MSRP: $42.99

Released: Sept 2013

Le Fantome de l'Opera Board

Le Fantome de l’Opera is a two-player board game based on the popular Mr. Jack system that pits one player against another in a game of wits to outsmart each other and claim victory. There are eight suspects and ten rooms to try and maneuver the suspects around in to deduce whom the Phantom is.

Le Fantome de l'Opera Character Cards

This is a quick game that is great for waiting for all your gaming buddies to arrive or for couples. The Mr. Jack system works well and you would be surprised at the amount of strategy needed to play this game effectively on both sides of the board. The character suspects have special powers unique to each that allow for great strategic planning and maneuverability. The more people in a room, the more a suspect can be moved to either help deduce or make deduction harder.

Le Fantome de l'Opera Character Cards

It only took me about two minutes to figure out how to play but once you get started, there are many options, and it is more fun and has just the perfect amount of stress in making sure you make the right moves. The game can end very quickly and is scalable depending on who is the better player or more experienced and whom isn’t.

The artwork is very good and fitting for the style and theme of the game. The components are all well done but the character pieces could have been a bit better than colored wooden discs with stickers on both sides for this price point. The additional cards are very thick and will last for ever. There is no need for sleeving of any kind.

Le Fantome de l’Opera is an extremely fun brain teaser that actually parlays theme quite well in to the game experience. The simplicity is also a bonus as it is very teachable in minutes and it really adds something to the experience as well. Sometimes games can get bogged down in the mechanics especially with a deductive game.

The time required to play makes it very easy to pull out for any occasion and this title should appease serious gamers and occasional or new gamers equally. My only qualm is the $42.99 price tag as there isn’t much to the amount of components but that is a small gripe for such a well done game.

All in all Le Fantome de l’Opera is a very well done deductive game. If you like quick, fun and easy games that still provide a good challenge then this game is for you!

I give this 7.5 out 10 stars

David Lowry

David Lowry