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Space Junk

Lamp Light Games announces the Relaunch of Space Junk on Kickstarter. Read on for more info!

Use all manner of Space Junk to Build, Laugh and Smash your way to victory in this fun easy to learn game!

I would say the most innovative part of Space Junk is building your ship. There are other games that use ship building as a mechanic, but use a generic set of parts with multiples of the same part. So the players will have some of the same items as each other.


*In Space Junk every item is unique, you will never have even one item the same as another player.

Space Junk is a game set in the future where the players are contestants on the hit reality TV show, Space Junk. The object of the game is to win the big fat cash prize, by being the player who earns the most Fame throughout the course of the game.

The game is played over six rounds each consisting of 3 phases: Move, Attack, and Search. You earn fame points by: Completing orbital laps around the earth, successfully attacking other players, and by collecting various junk items.

During the movement phase you move your ship around the board scoring points for each lap completed.

In the attack phase you launch an attack on another player scoring 3 points for each successful hit.

In the search phase players draw new junk cards and redesign their ships for the next round. After six rounds players add the fame points on all the junk cards they have collected to what they gained throughout the game, and whoever has the highest total wins!

“A friend and I playtested Space Junk at Gen Con 2013. Over four days we played well over a dozen new games. Out of all of them, Space Junk is the one we can’t stop talking about. Like most really good games, it has a few simple mechanics that support many strategies for winning and has high replayability. Beyond that, it was just super fun. We spent two hours laughing and having a great time. That is the highest praise you can give any game.”

~ Matthew Daugherty

Check out the Kickstarter page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/112392540/space-junk-relaunch

Also stay tuned for a review from Club Fantasci in the very near future!