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Our friends at Mirror Box Games announced on Jan 2nd, their new game Chaosmos was released on Kickstarter.

What is Chaosmos?

A game of treasure hunting, spying, hoarding, deceiving, stashing & sneaking, all as the last seconds of the universe tick away.

Chaosmos is a 2-4 player card-driven strategy game with miniatures, playable in 60-90 minutes.

In Chaosmos, you are an alien on a desperate quest to find and secure the most important object in the history of the biocosm – The Ovoid. You’ll traverse the galaxy, exploring planets and battling other players to build up a strategic hand of cards.

As you progress through the game, you’ll gather weapons and tactical equipment that help you discover, gain control of, and protect The Ovoid. This mysterious artifact is your civilization’s last hope for survival, and you will have to use deception, misdirection, and strategy to outwit your opponents and possess it at the exact moment the universe collapses! By carefully balancing your hand of cards, spending your turn actions wisely, and cleverly using your alien powers, you’ll maintain a grasp on the state of the game while plunging everyone else into chaos.

Rulebook: http://mirrorboxgames.com/ChaosmosRules1-5.pdf

Print & Play: http://mirrorboxgames.com/ChaosmosPnP.pdf

Check out the Kickstarter here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ecc/chaosmos-as-the-universe-ends-the-hunt-begins