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Steam Park

Off in the distance bright lights, music and laughter fill the town of Roboburg. The horizon is beaming with the sound of fun and an aura of excitement! The annual festival is in town! Steam Park Carnivals fight for your time, attention and dollars with blinking lights, amazing attractions, entertaining performers and biggest steam powered rides in town. For six days Roboburg is home to the most incredible mechanical sights known to man. Whose carnival will you visit? Which rides will you brave? Which carnival brings the biggest, baddest show to Roboburg?

In Steam Park, you are competing to gain the most visitors to your park as you build steam powered rides, stands, expanding your park and manage the amount dirt you produce to see who can earn the most Denari (money) at the end of six turns.

Publisher: Iello Games

Game Design: Lorenzo Silva, Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino and Aurelien Buonfino

Art by: Marie Cardouat

Players: 2 – 4

Ages: 10 and Up

Playing Time: 60 min.


24 dice (6 for each player)

42 Visitors (7 for each of the 6 colours)

4 Starting Ground tiles

20 Additional Ground tiles

18 Rides (3 for each colour and 6 in each size)

24 Stands (4 for each of the 6 kinds)

1 Turn Track

4 Turn Order token

1 Turn Counter

4 Pig boards

Dirt tokens

34 Bonus cards

1 Cotton bag

4 Reference cards


1 Rule book

Steam Park comes with two levels of play, one simpler version for beginners and a more advanced level for more experienced gamers. The game itself is not hard to learn and should be easy to get to the table the first day you get it. The rulebook is well laid out and easy to understand. It is short and immediately playable for those intuitive players.

There is some assembly required to get the game started. You can pre-build all the rides and stands and the box is big enough to store all the parts even when built. Kudos to Iello Games on this point.

In Steam Park, you have six rounds in which to earn the most money by end game. The person with the most money wins so make sure you build the best, most efficient park you can to attract as many visitors as your park size will allow. If you don’t build great rides, visitors will decide to not visit you.

You have various phases in which to take your turns:

Roll Phase – Here all the players are rolling at the same time to build, expand, attract visitors and control dirt. Each die has a symbol on it allowing for a certain action. Players are rolling to get all the actions they feel they need for this turn. Be careful! Once you put a die on your Pig Board, it stays the way you set it. There is no changing it unless you build a Casino Stand to change one die per Casino built. If you accidentally knock a die to a different face, it stays on the new face you moved it to. Once you have all the dice rolled to the faces you want you race to grab the player order tokens. The fast players get a bonus on Dirt Control, the slowest produces more Dirt.

Dirt Phase – The players count the Dirt symbols indicated on their die they just rolled plus any dirt from visitors in your park. Then you apply any bonuses/penalties based on your turn order token to either add or subtract dirt to your pile.

Action Phase – The players now operate in turn order and can do the following actions on their turn based on their die rolls. You can only do each action once per turn.

 – Build Rides: You need on build die for per visitor your ride can attract. You have rides      the size of one Visitor, two Visitors and three Visitors available. Your rides also come in    different colors. Rides can’t be built next to each other unless they are the same color.    Players can build as many rides as their dice allow per turn, however, players can only    build each size once per turn.

– Build Stands: You can build Security (redraw Visitors), Casinos, Info Point (Temp            Visitor of any color), Toilet (remove Dirt)  and Promotion (one extra Visitor per die)           Stands. Each has a special ability that helps your park thrive. You can’t build more         than one type of stand per turn. Stand of the same type must be placed next to each     other.

 – Activate Bonus Cards: Players will have three Bonus Cards to use. These cards will          allow players to earn income during the action phase based on the players park and        the cards ability. An example is, a player may receive Denari (money) for a certain          color visitor in the players park or received Denari for the amount of rides in the park.    These cards are critical to the players strategy as it is free Denari and that is how you      win the game.

 – Remove Dirt: Managing your dirt is a very important task in Steam Park. For every        Broom die on your Pig Board, you may remove two Dirt from your pile. Remember,        there is a Dirt Penalty at end game, so manage your Dirt!

– Attract Visitors: Visitors pay you Denari (money) to ride your rides! The more Visitors      you have, the more Denari you earn! Make sure you roll Visitor die to attract them to    your park. Visitors come in the same colors as the rides. In order to attract them to        your park, you put on visitor per Visitor die rolled in the bag. Remember, there will be      other visitors of other colors in the bag as well. You draw out one Visitor per Visitor          you put in the bag. Hopefully, the players draw out the same color as they put in. This    is where Security, Info Point and Promotion Stands really help out. Remember that        once a Visitor is in your park, they stay the duration of the game with the exception of    a Visitor placed by an Info Point Stand. You only have so many spaces for your                Visitors.

 – Expand Park: Any die, even the blank face side can be used to expand your park by        one tile. No more than two expansions per round are allowed.

After all the players have taken their actions in order then it becomes the income Phase.

Income Phase: Each player receives three Denari (money) per visitor in their park.

The artwork on Steam Park is fun and quirky. The components are well done with this cardboard and should last a long time.

Final Thoughts

Steam Park is a fun, medium light game that most people will probably love the first time they play it. So far it has replaced King of Tokyo as the fun, quick light game we start the evening with. It has enough challenge, fun with the dexterity element and blind luck (the draw) in it to keep people on their toes and laughing the whole game. It has a bit of a set up time so for me at least I would probably play it twice before moving on to another game to make it worth the set up time.

Steam Park is unique enough that it doesn’t feel like any other game in our game library, quick enough to keep everyone’s attention and has a great replay value as you have many different Bonus Cards to choose from.

Steam Park gets our highest recommendation for a game for your family! It fits all ages, is easy to learn, provides a ton of fun and is in line with Iello Games history of putting out great games.

We are giving Steam Park 7.5 out of 10 stars

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