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In 1898 Paris began building it’s Metro in preparation for The World Exposition in 1900. A construction gets crazy, players compete to build an complete metro rail car routes. The longer the route, the better for the player.

Note: Reissued later as Cable Car in 2009

Publisher: Queen Games

Game Design: Dirk Henn

Players: 2 – 6

Ages: 8 and Up

Playing Time: 60 min.

Game Mechanics: Tile Laying, Route/Network Building

Game Type: Abstract/Strategic Thinking

In Metro, players compete to build routes by connecting from one station they control to another they control. The longer the route, the more points scored. As players place tiles, it is possible that your route won’t be completed or you have to shorten it to score points. If the tiles are played correctly, it is possible they may be scored more than once. Also players can double the points scored by completing routes to city stations in the middle of the board.

Metro is a simple strategy game that has lots of player interaction and requires a keen eye for seeing routes and connections before they are complete. There is a randomness in the pulling of tiles, but that is common in games like this. The players race to connect routes that twist and turn and possibly never finish them so playing smart is key.

The components for Metro are high quality card board pieces with nice artwork. The trains are colored wood blocks which are purely perfunctory and add nothing the theme.


Metro is a fun strategy game, especially for those that love tile laying games. If you happen upon a copy, it is worth picking up a copy for a mid-length strategy game.

Metro was also nominated for Game of the Year in 2000.

We are giving Metro 6.5 out of 10 stars.

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