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Club Fantasci

The board game industry is all about the “Cult of the New” now. The next big game, next exciting Kickstarter, that is what is driving companies these days. It’s new content and a constant driving sales force and we as board game lovers fall in line and buy all that we can as it comes out. We forget about the games that came out before as the new games make it to the table five or six times before the next hot thing arrives for us to drool over. For years great games came out at a much slower pace before Kickstarter started launching what seems to be 50 new games a week.

With all the new people coming to gaming now, they don’t know about the
“old” games (anything over a year old it seems) as all the scuttlebutt is what is hot now or coming out. This is why I started the “Revisiting the Classics” reviews for Club Fantasci. There are so many great games that people forget about or have never discovered and that is a shame as many of past years games are just as good or better than todays games. How can we tackle this problem?

Well, first of all publishers have to learn to market their past games as well as their new games. Learning how to drive traffic to your website is key in any marketing strategy and then having the content there that is on the FRONT page is where it is at to successfully sell your whole catalog. You can do this in rotation so as not the over clutter your home page.

Recently I wrote a quick review for Le Phantome de L’ Opera for Asmodee Games. They put it on their front page of their site a couple months ago now and I still get hits on this review from their site. Is it selling games? I don’t know, all I know is people read this review everyday. That should help sell games if it’s a good review.

Mayfair Games posts reviews on the games direct page on their site but many of the publishers ignore this content or only post it on their Facebook page or twitter. While this makes your social media strategy easy as you always have new content (although many still don’t use this) it isn’t helping make the sale on your webpage.

Many may not agree with me, but I am a firm believer in leveraging your resources and board games reviewers are the publishers most power free resource their is. So publishers, when a review comes out, if you feel that is a great piece to help sell your game, use it. Don’t just use your favorite reviewers, you will alienate the other ones. Judge the review on it’s own merit and use that. Help the reviewer out as they are helping you out.

Maximize your online sales strategy with smart, efficient and effective marketing and watch your sales grow. Take care of your reviewers and they will take care of you. Most of all let’s do it for the love of spreading our love of this amazing hobby and the great games from before.

Best of luck!